Fairy Mayhem

We had great confusion today at school when a number of odd events occurred. We gathered in the hall to put the pieces together. Year five and six children found a toadstool ring, year three and four happened upon a tiny picnic bench, year one and two found an acorn bed and Reception year discovered fairy dust. When we explored what had happened we found a fairy scroll had been delivered which told us that the fairies have visited our school. They will be on hand for expert help during our whole school project on Midsummer nights dream. Ask your children what happened at school today ….and who knows what might happen tomorrow!!


photo (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo (4) photo

3 Replies to “Fairy Mayhem”

  1. We think there is a problem and we might find out what it is.

    There was glitter on the floor.

    There was a whole in the roof.

    There was a little fairy door in the library.

    We found a little bed.

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